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'Behold! Here she comes with her long hair!' (cousin, aged 9)

Today has, in parts, been very stressful. I drove down to Härnösand in order to attend to my oldest cousin's little birthday gathering (the usual people).

17... I was 17 six years ago.

Lots of cake was had - both smörgåstårta and marängtårta. And food as well! I arrived as they were having dinner and my aunt asked if I would like some. They all laughed when I later on asked if there was any more to be had and she said I could have whatever was left on the table, but that she had put the meat away and I replied with 'yes, I noticed'*... Oops... did it again, there... I suppose there's a reason people associate me with food (or eating).

I should really be in bed now. But I feel sad and exhausted and I am having a cuppa and would most of all like a hug. But there is no one around, not even the cat.

I need to start doing some collages, or start an art journal or some similar project. I've been having the urge to do so for a while now and it only gets stronger. Too bad I don't have the money to even buy cheap materials. - I've about 50 quid to last me until I next get my student loan at the end of February. And that's for food and everything. I have a lot of meat in the freezer etc, and a lot of rice and pasta as well, so the food isn't actually the problem... as long as I don't have any other expenses I should be fine, really, but they always crop up when you least want them.

I do have more money than that, so if I end up really needing some, I can dip into those, however, I need every little penny I can spare for my project so it's something I'd prefer to avoid.

* as in, having made an observation, and not in a rude way! At least wasn't or wouldn't be in that setting...

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