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What a day.

Nothing spectacular has happened, but it did get off to quite a bad start involving ... I don't know, a fortnight's share of traffic-related angst, or something like that. (Matthew - in case you were thinking of it, please DON'T elaborate. Thank you.)

BUT, because I spent most of the evening cooking, and then had a lovely PINK and relaxing bubble bath, I now feel so much better.

I don't have any lectures on a Monday or a Wednesday, but I have lots and lots of work to do tomorrow, and I don't feel very good about it, but I do hope I will manage in the end. I shan't fret about it tonight, though, as there is not much point in that (and also because I am going to bed very shortly).

My brother has finally installed Skype on my mum's computer so now I can talk to her for free. Whee! I spoke to her this evening, but as I was busy cooking it was quite a brief chat and I will speak to her more tomorrow morning.

But now, over to the cooking! :P

This evening I made my most complicated dinner so far. Not because it was 'difficult' to make, but because of the different steps involved. (Meaning it was also rather time-consuming.) The recipe is from Jamie Oliver's new book (that Matthew's mum bought for me! Hooray!) and is called 'Mad Moroccan Lamb'. For pudding I tried out a new recipe for carrot cake (quite a good recipe at that! Mm!). Originally I only picked this one because we had some mascarpone that needed using up, and I was slightly worried it would be tad too rich considering the main course, but in the end I think it worked quite well.

The 'Mad Moroccan lamb' recipe involves roasting a shoulder of lamb for two hours (with lots of spice: cumin seeds, coriander seeds, fennel seeds, black peppercorns, dried chillies, etc. + some fresh rosemary), and then making a chickpea mixture (red onions, fresh thyme, cinnamon and balsamic vinegar) as well as some couscous (with dried apricots, raisins and dates). Once the lamb is roasted, the next step is to get a large roasting pan out, line it with some of the couscous, and then put the chickpea mixture in the middle. After that you put the lamb on top of the chickpeas, coat everything with the rest of the couscous, put two halved lemons on the sides, and then put all of it in the oven for an additional hour. Once it's out of the oven again, you get some natural yoghurt out and mix in some of the lemon juice from the roasted lemons. As a final touch, sprinkle a handful of fresh coriander leaves, and fresh, chopped up chillies on top of it all.

It's my first time ever cooking lamb, so I don't know if I am partial because I was pleased it came out (at all), or what, but to me it was just beautiful. The carrot cake came out nicely as well (although I don't know what happened to the icing - it tasted fine, but the texture was a bit ... weird ...). I'll definitely use both recipes again!

It's getting late and my hair has almost dried, so I had better go to bed now. Goodnight!

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