Fräulein Grenouille (frida) wrote,
Fräulein Grenouille

Good things today:

Several people commented on how lovely, beautiful and nice my jacket was - even random people at university whom I have never met before. (including a middle-aged man who said 'your jacket looks good'in a slightly weird, offhand way.) This is the kind of stuff that happens to Kathy all the time, not me. Well, the past year or so it has actually happened a few times.

Anyway. I was wearing: a pale yellow chiffony pink/red/green/lilac/turquoise/orange patterned dress with gold sequins on the neckline (it sounds worse than it is, but it did look a lot better on when I had the braids... maybe because I looked slightly more exotic?). With this I wore some skinny fit black jeans turned up over the ankle, with red (!) ballerinas with white and navy-striped ribbons. And the jacket. I am sure the cut has a proper name, but I can't think that I know it - it's a short, fitted red velvet jacket with a china collar and brass buttons and epaulettes. It is done up with hidden little hooks. I also wore my lovely amber and silver studs from Lithuania, a yellow necklace and a silver ring with a big pink stone. And my film star sunglasses. And my big red handbag.

Well, Kathy does this so much better - and I am tired because I had no sleep last night (for a 'good'reason, mind.) And I feel fed up with my clumsiness (that may well be down to tiredness today), since coming in from university I've spilt tea, dropped two cheeses on the floor (luckily they were in their plastic wrappers) and banged my little toe very hard into something (luckily it didn't FALL OFF this time ... that was unpleasant).
I was going to stay away from the chocs (have a gala ball to attend to in Edinburgh on the 5th and I don't watch out I won't get into my frock!)

The other good thing about today is that I handed in a very overdue assignment. At least one thing out of the way (and yes, I'm not sure how this is really possible at all, but it seems I still have a chance to catch up with all my work ...)

Well, this is so much more rambly than I intended, so I'll think I'll end it here. OOooh, by the way - I was greatly amused yesterday when I found a video on my mobile that I had no recollection of recording whatsoever. It's Matthew dancing to the Cheeky Girl Song. :O Hahahahaha.

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